Ana Soto

 Curriculum vitae

Ana Soto, Artist, Educational Art Consultant

Ana Soto received of Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from Bellas Artes Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was mentored by Master artists Demetrio Uruchua and Paul Cardin. She studied Dance with Professors Otto Weber, Alfredo Guker and Joseph Psysikaia.

Ana served as an Artist in Residence at the Office of Bilingual Education of New York City, Department of Education where she also worked as an illustrator for Curriculum books from 1993 to 2001.

At present Ana Soto works as an Independent Educational Art Consultant for the NYC Department of Education working in various schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. She works with teachers, students, and parents. In addition to her art work she presents her poetry and works with students in language arts including writing poetry. Ana also works internationally exhibiting her work in various Museums and Consulates. She just returned from Barcelona, Spain where she exhibited her work on January 2015.

Ana Soto has been recognized internationally for her pictorial work. She has shown high artistic impressionist and expressionist techniques, especially in the use of pastels and mixed techniques in landscapes, portraits and figures. Her work has been shown in her native Argentina as well as in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, Morocco, and United States of America. Her art work experience includes pieces for museums in Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Spain and Museum of the Vatican City. Her work has been displayed in several museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Collection Museum, and Museum of the City of New York. Her works also include illustrations of instructional curricula and books, elegant posters for conferences and events, and paintings representing a wide array of art.

Ana Soto has been recognized internationally. In 1994 she received the Silver Medal and Certificate from the Academy Arts and Science in Paris France which was presented by representatives from the French Embassy at the City of New York. In 2006 she received the honor of Artist Woman of the Year at the International Woman’s Democrats and United Nationals Human Right recognition in Rome. Ana was invited to the Bicentennial of the May Revolution for the Liberation of Argentina where she delivered a portrait to the Museum of Bellas Arte of the Military Circle in Argentina, created Cornelio Saavedra, portrait, to be place in collection Museum of History Regimiento I de Patricios. Buenos Aires, Argentine. She was also honored by the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc, Educational Leadership Award, in May 2011. She is a staff member IL Cenacolo ECOSOC of the United Nations.
And Ana Soto is a Member of UN Women’s Guild.

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